Laura Knopp

If you think life is a heckuva lot more fun when you’re surrounded by dazzling splashes of creativity

You're in the right place, sweet thang

Cue the rainbow confetti and the tray of homemade cupcakes (chocolate, of course)


Hi! I'm Laura

Designer. Illustrator. Shop Owner. 80’s Music Enthusiast.




Pleased to meet you! *curtsies*. I’m the light-hearted gal behind this petite design studio. I have a soft spot for big dreamers and inspired individuals like you. I totally understand the desire to follow your heart and make your own path in life - I design and illustrate for that very reason.


I created a new Etsy shop filled with original illustrations and inspiring quotes. Why? I know firsthand how thrilling it is to find stylish, affordable art that feels so-totally-you. Also, I like your shoes.

For a limited time, I'm offering 20% OFF of your first purchase. Simply click the button below to snag that sa-weet deal!


Want to know more about me?

My career unofficially started when I was 5 and I sold my original mermaid drawings to my Cabbage Patch dolls (they didn’t pay very well). Later on in life, I got a Bachelor of Fine Arts and moved on to actual human clients. You may have strolled past my work in Walmart, Walgreens, and/or Lowe’s over the past few years.

My style is whimsical, spunky, and filled with heart...kinda like a baby panda wearing a top hat.

In my free time, you can find me hanging with my easygoing husband & rosy-cheeked son, catching up on Bravo reality shows, brewing another cup of coffee, or humming along to 80's pop (sometimes all at once).

You can browse through my portfolio. I’m available for a select amount of custom work and collaborations. If you’d like to get in touch, you can simply pop over here and shoot me a message.  



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