Laura Knopp


Hi! I'm Laura

Designer. Illustrator. Vanilla Latte Drinker.


Pleased to meet you! *curtsies*. I’m the light-hearted gal behind this petite design studio.

I believe... 

That #adulthood doesn’t have to be boring and that life is more delightful when you make space for all that is pretty and playful. My art is about making you smile, because there’s always room for heart, humor, and Hershey’s. Kidding about the last one. Kind of. (mmm, chocolate)

What's my story? 

My career *unofficially* started I was 5 and I sold my original mermaid drawings to my Cabbage Patch dolls (they didn’t pay very well). Later on in life, I got a Bachelor of Fine Arts and moved on to actual human clients. You may have strolled past my designs in Walmart, Walgreens, and/or Lowe’s over the past few years.

I currently live in North Carolina with my rad husband and our rosy-cheeked baby boy. We all live in a townhome with hardwood floors and far too many stairs.

When I’m not drawing things or climbing the aformentioned stairs, you can find me catching up on my favorite Bravo reality shows, brewin’ a cup of coffee, or having a living room dance party with my boys. Sometimes all at once.

Here are five things you might not know...

  1.  I grew up in sunny FL and moved to Charlotte, N.C. a few years ago when my husband got a job offer up here. The Queen City is my jam, but I do miss living close to the beach.
  2. As a child I was terrified of E.T. Okay okay, I’m STILL terrified of him. Those eyes! That voice! *shudder*
  3. Carrots are my arch-nemesis. Seriously, I can’t stand them.
  4. I heart 80’s and 90's music. BIG TIME. Like this song or this one. Dance party, anyone??
  5. Polka dots make me happy. Polka dot shoes? Bonus points!




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