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18 Custom Portrait Illustrations That’ll Make Your Heart Smile

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Creating custom portrait illustrations is my favorite thing to do (other than roaming the aisles of Target, of course). So, I gathered a list of 18 of my recent illustrations - featuring everything from sweet kiddos to darling families. All guaranteed to make your heart smile!

1. Harry and Meghan’s Wedding

Of course, I *had* to draw these lovely newlyweds on their big day. Congratulations to Harry and Megan! 💕💒


2. Lauren Conrad’s Family

I illustrated this family portrait when I learned that LC’s baby was turning 1 - a big milestone for a sweet little boy! 👶🎂🎉💙


3. Young Love

So many romantic vibes in this couple portrait! 💕 P.S. How divine is her pink dress? I just love drawing flowy fabrics 😊 (inspired by: @lindseyjonegard)


4. Cozy Holiday Pregnancy Announcement

How sweet is this cozy, Christmassy pregnancy announcement? I just had to turn it into an illustration ❤️🎄 P.S. Their little peanut in the sonogram pic is *officially* the youngest person I've ever drawn 😉 (inspired by: @whitv)


5. Grandmother and Grandaughter

When Madison shared a beautiful image of her and her late grandmother on Instagram, I was deeply touched and inspired to draw it ✏️💕(inspired by: @madisonsteward)


6. Little Fashionista

Oh how I wish they made adult clothes as fun as they make kid's clothes✏️👚 💕 (inspired by @mama_aureli)


7. 4th of July Cutie

This little gal was channeling all the festive 4th of July vibes with her Letter Folk board #babyyoureafirework 🎆🎆🎆 (inspired by @scscurlock)


8. All Dressed Up

Love this image of these three friends wearing darling dresses 💕🙌🏼 (inspired by @bumbeloushop)


9. Sleeping Cutie

Is there anything quite as heart-warming as illustrating a snoozing baby? I think not! (inspired by @ericasuee)


10. Stylish Little Lady

That incredible hair, her striking ruby red bow, and those flouncy ruffles ❤️ Gahhh, I really love how this child portrait illustration turned out! 😍  (inspired by @becauseofzoe)


11. Strong Momma

Lifting cute, chubby babies is the best arm workout! Something about their sweet, gummy smiles makes you forget the burning in your biceps...well, kind of 😂💕 (inspired by @littleredbowtique) ✨


12. Twin Momma

Double the diapers and double the snuggles! 👶👶 Mommas of twins are real life super heroes 💪💕 (inspired by @x.o.twins)


13. Big Sis in the Making

CUTENESS ALERT! Big sis in the making 🐥🐣🌹🌹🌹 I don't know about you, but seeing a toddler gingerly pat her mother's belly while saying "babyyyy" melts my heart right onto the floor 😍 (inpsired by @mamadrey88).


14. Color-Coordinated Cuties

I adore a momma-baby duo with coordinating outfits! 😍👏 (@kmurrayphoto)


15. Matchy-Matchy Gals

The momma and her little girl are the epitome of cool with their matching top knots and sunnies 😎 (@kweilz)


16. Two Sweet Ladies

I was dee-lighted to draw this lovely mother-daughter portrait - these two look so happy with their milkshakes (and I don’t blame them)! 🤗🍦(inspired by: @littleforalittlewhile)


17. Momma-Baby Cuddles

How cute is this snuggly momma-baby duo in their pajamas?? (inspired by @kailee_wright 💕)


18. Mother-Daughter Bonding over Tulips

It was gray and dreary at home in North Carolina when I spotted this happy, little scene of a mother and her daughter arranging gorgeous tulips on Instagram - drawing them was a great way to keep the rainy day blues away 😊✏️ (inspired by @loveandlarock)

Now that you’ve had a chance to look at all of the portraits - tell me, do you have a favorite?