Laura Knopp

Brilliant Ways to Arrange the “Girls Can Be Anything” Collection

Kid's art, Semi-custom portraits, Girl power artLaura KnoppComment

One of the cool things about the new "Girls Can Be Anything" collection is that, like the menu at Panera Bread, you can easily mix and match all the items. OK, I might be slightly hungry.

My point is....the GCBA collection features 5 beautiful illustrations in 4 skin tone and hair color variations that are color-coordinated. So, you have 20 options that are not only incredibly inspiring, but will look great together no matter how you arrange and display them!

Here are a couple quick ideas….

1. Choose 1 hobby and all 4 skin tones + hair color options to show your daughter the beauty of diversity.

2. Select 1 girl and several hobbies to celebrate your little lady’s many interests

Shop the full collection here.