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3 Simple Guidelines to Select the Perfect Photo for a Custom Family Portrait

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When you order a custom family portrait from my shop, I personally draw your one-of-a-kind artwork from scratch using your photo(s) as a reference.

It's like a magic trick, except instead of pulling a fluffy rabbit out of a hat, I'm taking your photo and turning it into your new favorite work of art 🎉

The key is me having the right photos to work with. So, here are a few guidelines to keep in mind...

1. Choose a high-quality photo

Many people hear high-quality and think of a fancy photo-shoot complete with props and several outfit changes. But, high-quality doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be a professional photo, it can be a photo that you casually snapped on your phone. The important thing is that the lighting is good and that the details are clear, because I need to be able to zoom in and see your facial features, accessories, etc. (if you do want props or a different outfit, I can combine photos).

2. Select a full-color photo

I absolutely love working with color when I illustrate portraits! Please share a full color photo so that I can see all of the skin tones, hair colors, and clothing colors clearly.

3. Choose a full-body or half-body photo

I specialize in portraits that show the full person, so when you send me a photo, I need it to be head-to-toe or at least from the waist up. A picture that’s zoomed in on the subject’s face can work as a reference, but I’ll also need you to share supplementary photos that taken from further away to show the full subject.

Here’s one example of a high-quality, color photo, taken from a good distance.  


And here’s the finished portrait.


Interested? Order a family portrait from my shop today.