Laura Knopp

Mother's Day

Memories with Mom: Wedding Day

Mother's DayLaura Knopp

Wedding days are an unforgettable occasion when moms nervously smooth stray hairs, carefully walk down the aisle, and attentively listen when vows are exchanged. As wedding photos are taken, a series of sweet memories will most likely play on loop in a mom’s mind from holding a tiny bundle of newborn joy to kissing scraped knees to offering steady guidance on how to drive a car...

Memories with Mom: Graduation

Mother's DayLaura Knopp

Graduation day is a monumental event for mommas who have spent countless hours in the car doing school pick-ups/drop-offs and have dedicated a whole slew of evenings to helping with homework assignments while simultaneously preparing dinner. This day is such a big achievement - plenty of photos and a large stack of tissues are a total requirement!