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Customer Spotlight: Mari Angela's Custom Family Portrait

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One of the really cool things about my custom family portraits is the fact that I’m able to offer a digital download option. This makes it convenient for those near and far because with just a few, simple clicks I can send beautiful portraits to people anywhere and everywhere from the United States to Mars! OK, maybe not that second one...yet ;)

So, when Mari Angela reached out to me from Italy to illustrate a custom portrait based on a touching family photo, I was beyond delighted! Keep scrollin' to read her story and see her final portrait...


Was your custom portrait painting a gift for someone else or for yourself?

The portrait is a gift for my husband, to celebrate his first Father's day.

What makes the photo you asked me to draw special to you?

This is a photo of us as a new family - at a party we threw to celebrate the birth of our first daughter. My little girl was only 2 months old here and we were tired (since we hadn’t slept for many days). But, I can see the happiness in our eyes!

What do you like the most about your final custom portrait illustration?

The style is what I like the most because it is informal, lively and spontaneous just like our family!

I've always liked portraits, I love art and when I visit museums I always look at paintings with a lot of interest. Now we have digital photos, but being able to shoot pictures endlessly means we never stop and reflect on what they represent. This custom portrait service is the possibility to stop and choose a photo that represents you.

Laura gave me a modern portrait, a portrait of the 21st century because, even though I’m in Italy and she’s in the USA and we never saw each other, she understood how important that simple photo is to me and she made it very special. Grazie Laura! ;)

If you're interested in a custom family portrait of your own, you can click here to get one!