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Memories with Mom: Graduation

Mother's DayLaura Knopp

This article is Part 2 of 3 of my "Memories with Mom" series - to see the first post in this series, click here.

Graduation day is a monumental event for mommas who have spent countless hours in the car doing school pick-ups/drop-offs and have dedicated a whole slew of evenings to helping with homework assignments while simultaneously preparing dinner. This day is such a big achievement - plenty of photos and a large stack of tissues are a total requirement!

I have several photos from both my high school and college graduation days. When I see those pictures, what stands out the most to me are the heartfelt hugs with my mom, grandmother, and aunt. Sure, I had some raccoon eyes going on (that’s what you get when you mix tears and eyeliner that’s not waterproof), but the photos are incredibly meaningful and that special sentiment is what inspired this graduation illustration I created of a young woman hugging her momma.


Do you have special graduation day mom memories and/or photos? Whether they’re with your momma or as the mother of graduates yourself, I would love to hear more about them! Feel free to share in the comments below.

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