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NEW! Custom House Portrait Illustrations

Laura Knopp

Oh happy day! Home portraits are now available in my shop, SQUEE!! ✏️🙌🏼  🤗


The idea for home portraits was inspired by a recent drawing I did of my townhome (see above) - despite the fact that it has *way* too many stairs for a clumsy gal like me, this humble abode will always have a special place in my heart, because it’s my little boy’s very first home 💕

I’ll never forget bringing my baby home from the hospital and carrying him through the front door of our townhouse and up the stairs (as slowly as humanly possible, of course).

I sat in the living room, snuggling him on the couch, and feeling absolutely clueless.

Ah yes, the gloriously overwhelming transition into parenthood :)

Fast-forward through many sleepless nights and now he’s a toddler who’s walking through the front door all by himself and climbing up and down the stairs like their his own personal jungle gym!

It’s a place I’ll never forget, but because we rent and will eventually move out one day (sad face) I wanted to commemorate this home with a portrait illustration that we can cherish forever and ever.

Years from now, I’ll be able point to that portrait hanging on our wall and say to my son “that’s where I learned how to become your mom” :)


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