Laura Knopp


Welcome to my custom wedding illustration image library! 

Here you’ll find a collection of images that you can share with your audience to promote our collaboration. Please credit me when sharing these images and be sure to tag me @thatlauraknopp when sharing via Instagram. This artwork is not to be shared, sold or redistributed.

Feel free to download whatever strikes your fancy. Simply click on the image to enlarge, then right-click and save. Voila!

Digital Art Prints

Wedding Crest Design

Wedding Crest Sign

Bride and Groom Illustration

Bride and Groom Guest Alternative Sign

Map Illustration

Save the Date Couple Illustration


Save the Date Couple Illustration Card

Custom Pattern

Custom Pattern Envelope Liner

Signature Cocktail Illustrations

Signature Cocktail Sign

Appetizer Illustration

Entree Illustration

Dessert Illustration

Menu Mockup