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Funny Baby Milestone Cards

Laura Knopp

Surprise! I made a very special freebie for you. Hint hint: it has something to do with diapers and pudgy, dimpled hands. Funny baby milestone cards! Find them as digital downloads here :)

As a momma to a now 17-month-old (whaaaat?), I think it’s important to celebrate all the hilarious milestones in your baby’s life. Parenthood is a whirlwind journey, might as well laugh along the way, #amirite?

This set of 6 funny baby milestone cards is perfect to commemorate your cutie’s giggle-worthy achievements! Click here to download your freebie.

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I would be dee-lighted if you tagged me @thatlauraknopp and use the hashtag #lkbabymilestones because I’m excitedddd as all get out to see your adorable milestone photos! I may even choose a photo at random and draw a custom portrait of it :)



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That’s the page where they can sign up to get their own copy of these! 

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Brilliant Ways to Arrange the “Girls Can Be Anything” collection

Kid's art, Semi-custom portraitsLaura KnoppComment

One of the cool things about the new "Girls Can Be Anything" collection is that, like the menu at Panera Bread, you can easily mix and match all the items. OK, I might be slightly hungry, but my point is that this GCBA collection features 5 beautiful illustrations in 4 skin tone and hair color variations that are color-coordinated. So, you have 20 options that are not only incredibly inspiring, but will look great together no matter how you arrange and display them!

Here are a couple quick ideas….

1. Choose 1 hobby and all 4 skin tones + hair color options to show your daughter the beauty of diversity.


2. Select 1 girl and several hobbies to celebrate your little lady’s many interests


Shop the full collection here.


The "Girls Can Be Anything" collection

Semi-custom portraits, Kid's artLaura KnoppComment

As the great philosopher Beyonce once said, “Who run the world? GIRLS!”. That jivey little tune has been on loop in my brain, because my new collection titled “Girls Can Be Anything” is now available in my shop! *cue the confetti and a pint of Halo Top ice cream (birthday cake flavor, of course)*

The idea for this collection came about after several fellow mommas told me they were having a hard time finding art for their girl’s rooms that wasn’t all pink and princess-y. While I do love sparkly tiaras and poofy tutus (as a child, I would’ve happily worn them to the supermarket), I know there’s more to girls than that. So, I wanted to create art that celebrates the wide range of interests young girls have. And after many hours of leaning over my iPad to illustrate my heart out, the “Girls Can Be Anything” collection was born.

Inspired by popular hobbies, GCBA (that’s what the cool kids are calling it) includes 5 brilliant little ladies: The Scientist, The Pet Lover, The Bookworm, The Artist, and The Musician. All available in 4 gorgeous skin tones & hair colors as an 8x10 physical print that’s shipped to you OR as a digital download. Gotta love options, right?

Shop the full collection right here.