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James Van Der Beek's Family Portrait

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Recently, I illustrated James Van Der Beek’s family - they’ve quickly become my latest Instagram obsession since stumbling across their accounts earlier this summer ✏️💕 James and his wife Kimberly are down-to-earth and hilarious about juggling life their 5  little ones 👱👱‍♀️👱‍♀️👱‍♀️👶 How do they manage?? I have a feeling the answer involves Netflix + a secret snack drawer to dip into when the kiddos are asleep at night 😉

Behind-the-Scenes: My Portrait Illustration Process

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If you’ve seen seen any of my fun timelapse videos on Instagram or read this post, you may already have a general idea of how I illustrate portraits.

The short version: I take out my iPad and draw my heart out - there’s a lot of coffee and 90’s music involved while this happens.

The long(er) version: I have a process that’s been honed over time (AKA many late nights spent leaning over my desk until my drawing hand says “omggg stahppp it!”).